Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuck in the snow?!

So everyone knows that getting your car stuck in the snow is not fun, not fun at all and the way things are looking Kutztown is not giving us any snow days, SO for those who drive to school, being stuck in the snow is not an option. After researching this topic for a while they all pretty much said the same thing, or variations of the same steps so before I list them below for you I would like to give you a list of essentials that I found from various websites you should keep in your house or at your disposal if you don't already have them in there:

-snow shovel (obviously)
-kitty litter (trust me on this one)
-a broom
-trees (you need these, they're very important)
-jumper cables

What to do if you are stuck in the snow:

1. Check the tailpipe. This is very important, obviously as it is the first step, if you don't know where that is, it is the pipe at the back of the car. If there's snow covering it, it's very important that you clear it to prevent deadly gases from building up inside the car.

2.Dig away excessive snow and ice.

3. Put snow chains on, or lay traction gadgets such as metal frames in front of, the drive wheels.

4.Ride the brakes

5.Put the floor mats in front of the driven tires as a last resort.

6.Sprinkle salt, sand, and/or cat litter in front of the driven tires.

7.Straighten the wheels.

8.Use a low gear as you pull out

9.Let a little air out of the tires.

10.Rock the car

11.Take advantage of front-wheel drive

12.Try a physics trick. "Take a strong rope or cable and tie it from the car to a tree or secure object. Sit on the middle of the rope. Your weight is multiplied tenfold horizontally by the rope and will pull the car out of the snowbank. Do not tie the rope to anywhere other than reinforced towing points on the car frame or you may just bend or tear off car parts. Do not use a machine to pull on the car except with appropriate equipment and techniques -- a rope, cable or chain can break violently."

Then you should be good to go and there should be no excuse for you not to be in class!!

If that doesn't work and you are stuck at home here are some fun things that you can do if you are trapped indoors:

--Watch a movie
--Make some cookies or brownies
--Play a board game with your roommies
--Play a video game
--Read! (Yes, read)
--Follow the Women's Center on Twitter

More info on how to dig out your car!

Fun things
KU Women's Center

stay warm today!!! :D

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