Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine, Advertising and Eating Disorders

I talk about a lot of things in this blog; rape, incest, trafficking, battery-but those issues are issues where someone is hurting someone else. One issue that needs to be talked about is eating disorders, or when a woman or a man hurts them self. The media has, since pretty much the dawn of time, been promoting what the idea of "perfect" is. This is what an "ideal" man looks like and this is what an "ideal" woman looks like. If you do not have blindingly white teeth, hair that falls oh so perfectly into place at all times and if you weigh the healthy number for your height then you are not what the media deems ideal. 

This pressure to fit into a mold has weighed heavy on so many men and women that it has driven to eating disorders. Cosmopolitan Magazine, one of the most read women's magazine's has articles that 1. put women down and 2. tell women how to please their man rather than to please themselves.

While reading the astrology section:

"your eating habits spiraled out of control over the holidays, determined Saturn says that it’s time to toss out the junk food and stock up on healthy snacks such as fruit and veggies."- 

Wow. Ok. I was looking for something like, your love life is looking up, or the 27th is good day to buy shoes, but no. You need to stop eating. Excuse me. You are a laptop. You cannot see me, and your advice is to change my eating habits? Not saying I have an eating disorder, because I don't but Cosmo promotes beautiful airbrushed women and then says things like that? 

Eating Disorder Statistics

- Over one person's lifetime, at least 50,000 individuals will die as a direct result of their eating disorder
- Approximately 7 million girls and women struggle with eating disorders 
- Approximately 1 million boys and men struggle with eating disorders
-As many as 10% of college women suffer from a clinical or nearly clinical eating disorder, including 5.1% who suffer from bulimia nervosa
- Studies indicate that by their first year of college, 4.5 to 18% of women and 0.4% of men have a history of bulimia and that as many as 1% of females between the ages of 12 and 18 have anorexia

Sex HE craves.

Lose 5 pounds! 

The Cover Girl is a beautiful Barbie-look-a-like 

This is the reason we have the body issues we have. 

"Change the way you think not the way you look"

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