Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double Standards and Being Safe

Double Standards have and will always exist in our society. A woman will make less to the dollar than a man for doing the same exact job, a woman will be criticized and put-down for succeeding in work while a man will be applauded, a man can be a Romeo and serenade his love while a woman is a stalker; the list goes on.

But the most unfair and important double standard is contraception. Sure, there is male contraception and female contraception but let's look at the list and see if it is equal and the effects of each of these contraceptives.



Seriously. That's it. Well minus castration but that defeats the purpose of the whole event that your attempting...

Females: (Are you sitting comfortably?)
-The Pill
-The Female Condom
-The Sponge
-Cervical Cap
-Lea's Shield
-The Patch
-Ortho Evra
-tubal ligation

phew. all of that women have to go through. In addition to that women are the ones who have the children whereas men are the ones who standby and say "push".

And attention! Women if you are taking Birth Control Pills you must be careful and remember A-C-H-E-S!

A- Abdominal pain
C- Chest pain (severe, with cough, shortness of breath)
H- Headache, (severe) dizziness, weakness, numbness
E- Eye Problems, vision loss or blurring, speech problems
S- Severe leg or calf pain

^^these are early warning signs of medical complications Source: R.A. Hatcher Contaceptive Technology 19th rev ed. Contraceptive Technology Communications, Inc.

What is the pain that men have to go through? Their wallet hurting even when they can get them for free when oh The Women's Center? Women however have much bigger issues for example....

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)- which is potentially fatal, which results from using the diaphragm as a contraceptive.

Yeast Infections-which are caused by many reasons, one of them being a reaction to condom

the list goes on...

The point of this post wasn't to bash men or anything like that, it was more for men to recognize that women do a lot in relationships, especially ones where the partners are sexually active. And if you are in a relationship where you are sexually active respect your partner and be safe 100% of the time.

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